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Talking About BPD, the blog and associated social media, was started by Rosie Cappuccino when she was first diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) in her early twenties. 

When she was diagnosed, Rosie quickly realised that people with BPD are often deeply misunderstood, not receiving the care they need or getting the respect they deserve. After encountering much stigma about her condition online, in books,  TV/films and academic papers, as well as directly from health professionals and the general public, she felt compelled to write about her BPD from her perspective. 


For several years after her diagnosis, Rosie felt silenced, isolated and hopeless about feeling better. However, the more she began sharing her experiences of intense emotions, self-harm, feeling suicidal and fear of abandonment in blog form, the more confidence she gained to talk about her BPD in her offline life.

Talking About BPD documents what a life with BPD can be like in all its ups and downs. It shows how Rosie have moved from a place of pain to a place of greater calm over the years and, most importantly, it calls for more understanding, respect and care for people with BPD. 

The support Rosie has received over the years for Talking About BPD has been amazing. She is so grateful for encouragement she has received and is really happy that her blog provides some comfort, validation, coping tips and reassurance for a number of people with BPD. 

In 2o16, Rosie changed the name of her blog from BPD Orchid to Talking About BPD. Rosie was an anonymous blogger until 2017, when she was shortlisted for a Mind Media Award in 2017 and decided to show her face in order to attend the awards. In 2019, Rosie won a Mind Media Award for her work. 


Rosie is her real first name, but Cappuccino is her pen surname. 

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