10 positives of my BPD

1. It has brought me closer to people Opening up to people in my life has enabled me to have deeper relationships with them. I have been cared for deeply and have cared for others too and this has enriched my life. 2. I have learnt so much about myself Having a mental illness takes you to parts of yourself you never knew were there. This is scary. Yet dealing with that has shown me how much strength I have. I've had quite a lot of therapy in order to recover, which has revealed things about my life which I probably otherwise not have discovered. 3. I am understanding Only a handful of friends know the full details of my mental health issues, but pretty much all of my friends know that I

Eating disorders: my experience

*This post is about eating disorders (no numbers), please take care* Once upon a time, a few years ago, I was in the midst of an eating disorder. This eating disorder was all-consuming. It invaded almost all of my thoughts and it dominated my day-to-day life. I was obsessed with food, hunger, appetite, exercise and my body shape and size. I felt uncomfortably aware of every piece of flesh, every shape of every body part; I felt pressure, suffocation and entrapment. I had no space or time to think about anything else in my life. Because I restricted my intake of food, exercised a lot and was almost constantly hungry, my body was craving food in the hope of sustenance. My hungry body made for

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