Exhausted by therapy targets

This afternoon, I was hit with a wave of exhaustion. I feel like I have been working non-stop on my DBT targets and skills. I have been exercising self-restraint, practising not surrendering to unhelpful urges and doing mindfulness and emotional regulation skills multiple times per day. One of my DBT targets is to not seek reassurance. That means, not asking people I love if I have upset them, or asking them if they still love or like me. It means not engaging in 'checking behaviours' and instead doing mindfulness skills to prevent myself analysing a situation for 'signs' that 'things are going wrong'. Because my urges to seek reassurance are very strong- and are twinned with incredibly stro

5 Things I can do since starting DBT...

[TW, self-harm and suicidal thoughts] Six months ago I began an eighteen month long Dialectical Behaviour Therapy programme. It consists of one group two hour session and one individual one hour session every week. I have needed DBT for years, but I have finally been able to access it (will write more about that in another post). I find my individual therapist really helpful. She is really aware of the problems that people with BPD face and she is really informed about traumatic and difficult experiences that many people with BPD have faced in the past and may still experience. I have tweeted a bit about how things have improved for me since starting DBT, and seeing as lots of people seem to

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