Studying with BPD: My tips

Last month, I completed a Master’s degree in Medical Humanities. Handing in my final essay was a huge moment for me because I had wrestled with my BPD to get to that moment. Doing a full time degree alongside working two days a week as a teacher and managing my Borderline Personality Disorder was really hard at times. I thought I would share four tips with you that helped me cross the finish line of my degree. 1. Disclose if you feel safe enough to do so I disclosed my BPD diagnosis once I started the course because I was sure I would be met with support. I told my tutors, the academic department and the university support services. I didn't think I would be discriminated against, but I felt

5 ways I lessen the impact of my BPD

1. Noticing my pain Sometimes observing the pain I'm in lessens it. I try to use validating 'I statements', such as 'I am in agony right now' or 'I feel a huge amount of sadness today'. Even though noticing emotions is the opposite of ignoring them and sounds counter-intuitive, and it really can work to lessen their intensity. This is something I learnt from DBT. 2. Reducing my schedule If I'm feeling overwhelmed (which I usually am!), then cutting something from my schedule helps. I often feel overwhelmed by how many things I have in my diary, on top of therapy, collecting my medications and attending medical appointments. Often choosing to have a night in rather than going out with my frie

5 things I wish people understood about my BPD

[TW This post discusses suicide and self-harm.] Living with BPD, in my experience, comes with a double whammy of difficulty. As if the various aspects of borderline personality disorder are not difficult enough, the condition tends to be very misunderstood. These are 5 things I wish people understood about my BPD. I realise that everyone with this diagnosis is an individual and so if your list might look very different to mine! Okay, here goes... 1. The intensity of the emotion This is the thing I most wish people understood. If people knew just how extreme emotions can feel for me, then perhaps they would understand my behaviour when I am upset. I sometimes describe as being 'electrocuted'

3 ways I deal with suicidal thoughts

[TW: This post talks about suicidal thoughts in detail, so please take care.] I deal with my suicidal thoughts in three ways by looking at them from the perspectives of the past, the future and, lastly, the present. 1. Past Like a lot of people with a diagnosis of BPD, things have happened to me in the past that have been difficult. I went through years of deep psychological pain during which I had no understanding and no way of coping. I translated things that hurt me into self-neglect and self-cruelty because I didn't know what else to do. When I feel suicidal nowadays, I try to remember that these distressing thoughts emerge from a place of pain. Knowing this can (sometimes) make it easie

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