Podcast with Kimberley Wilson

I was delighted to be a guest on Kimberley Wilson's awesome Stronger Minds podcast talking about my experiences of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD). In the episode, I talk about how I got my diagnosis of BPD, my interactions with mental health services, what I've found damaging and what is helpful. Kimberley Wilson is a chartered psychologist, NHS mental health trust governor and also a Great British Bake Off finalist. It was an absolute joy to be on her podcast as each episode is always thoroughly-researched, reflective and thought-provoking. I would like to say a huge thank you to Kimberley for having me. I really admire the work she is doing to further understandings of not only BPD

'More powerful than words': Interview with Kathryn from 'my illustrated mind'

I had the joy of interviewing my hugely talented friend Kathryn Watson about 'my illustrated mind', her practice of making art about mental health and schema therapy. Kathryn is both a doctor and an artist and has presented her work at the PsychArt18 conference in London, as well as The Royal Academy of Arts. She is currently showcasing her illustrations at an exhibition entitled 'In The Mind' at Free Space Project, alongside Elsbeth van Der Poel (until April 10th). When did you start making art about your mental health experiences? For the last couple of years, I had been using art purely as a means of distraction. I was actually trying to set up a pet portraits business! Then, at the begin

Interviewing my best friend about my BPD

I asked my best friend Anisha about her understanding of borderline personality disorder, as well as the relationship between my BPD and our friendship. Anisha and I met in first year of university and we immediately sparked a close friendship bound by a shared sense of humour and a desire to live life on our own terms. Here's what Anisha had to say... What is your understanding of BPD? I’ve been friends with Rosie for nearly ten years, and since her BPD diagnosis we’ve had several conversations about what this means. From what I understand, BPD can be an incredibly debilitating condition, causing emotions too deep and painful to be harnessed. It seems to be very introspective, in that there

Rumination & how audiobooks help

What is rumination? My therapist and I have identified that rumination traps me in painful emotional states. Put simply, ruminating means thinking the same anxious or upsetting thoughts on repeat. A useful distinction between rumination and worry is that the former tends to involves repetitive thoughts about the past, whereas the latter usually concern the future. The main topic of my rumination is relationships and it often happens when I say bye to someone I love or leave a social situation. For example, I might meet up with a friend and on the bus home ruminate on what I said and how I acted. What is rumination like for me? For me, ruminating is like replaying a film over and over again i

Coping with being overwhelmed

Lately I have been overwhelmed. I am coming through the other side of this burn out and wanted to share the things I do that help.

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