How Physical Illness Impacts my BPD & How I Manage

A few days ago, I was struck down with a virus of sorts and have been croaking, coughing and generally feeling rough. My emotional resilience is down as a result of being unwell. My emotions have been even quicker than usual to flare up. Last night, I jumped to the conclusion that I had been excluded from an event and cried for about half an hour. Although it turned out that this wasn't the case at all, I managed to tell myself in that moment of intense emotion that my sadness was stronger because of several vulnerability factors. I learnt about vulnerability factors during my DBT group. Vulnerability factors are elements that make a person more susceptible to becoming distressed such as bei

This is Why I Talk About My BPD

[This post discusses stigma and discrimination, please take care] the psychiatrist who said it was 'better' if bpd wasn't in my notes When I was diagnosed with BPD back in 2014, the psychiatrist said that she wouldn't put the diagnosis in my notes. She told me that it would be better to keep BPD 'off the record' so that medical professionals didn't discriminate against me. I kept largely quiet about for years. I didn't get the help I needed. I was locked into an abusive relationship with a person who told me that I was 'more ****ed up than I would ever know' and that my BPD meant I would never have a happy relationship. I even didn't tell a therapist for getting close to four months that I

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