What Is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)?

I’ve been doing dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) for nearly two years and I’m finishing very soon. It has helped me more than ever I dreamed it would. DBT is a therapy designed specifically for people who find it hard to regulate their emotions. Thanks to DBT (and an amazing therapist and therapy team), I've learnt how to cope with my intense emotions. I have learnt how to regulate them, so I can feel much safer and more settled. This video explains: - What is DBT? - Who can DBT help? - The modules of DBT - Examples of DBT from my life I would love to know your thoughts about DBT or if you have any experience of it at all. I know that this therapy is not available in all areas and even i

I Won A Mind Media Award!

On Wednesday evening, I won a Mind Media Award for Talking About BPD. I am absolutely over the moon. It means so much to me that a blog about living with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder (BPD) was chosen as the winner. I really hope winning this award draws attention to the fact that people with a diagnosis of BPD need to be treated more respectfully and taken more seriously than is often the case right now. My shocked face & speech! People with BPD are often told that they are attention seeking, manipulative and not worthy of help. Access to relevant treatments for this condition is a postcode lottery and, whatsmore, the safety and quality of crisis care varies wildly from pla

Share Your Thoughts...

I am planning to write a book for people newly diagnosed with BPD. My aim is to produce a helpful, supportive resource that people can turn to for understanding, comfort and validation when they are newly diagnosed. As you may well know, there are lots of stigmatising, hurtful websites and books out there that are really painful to read. Even a quick Google search from someone newly diagnosed can bring up some incredibly stigmatising and distressing things that can lead to a downward spiral of shame, isolation and worry. If you would like to inform the book I write, please complete this short, anonymised survey. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts so I can plan a book that you will h

The Stigma of Certain Medications

I hear a lot about antidepressants, but much less about antipsychotics. There is still a lot of stigma around taking antipsychotic medication and lots of myths about their use. They are not just taken for psychosis as the name suggests, but can be used to help stabilise mood and/or for very anxious thoughts. About three years ago, I started taking antipsychotics at a low dose as prescribed by my psychiatrist. I took them once daily for around two years and, although I had some side effects, the medication helped me enormously. I don't take them anymore and I stopped gradually around six months ago. Whilst I have found antipsychotics helpful, the side effects were substantial. I remember how

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