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Thank you so much for all of your support on my blog and my social media this year. I appreciate it *so* much and I want to send everyone best wishes for 2020.

Validation For Your Intense Emotions

[This post mentions self-harm and suicide, with no details....I never write details] People with BPD have intense emotions and can become distressed very quickly. Life with this condition can feel confusing, frustrating, lonely and incredibly painful. There can be times when it being alive is such agony that it feels like there's no point in going on at all. Many people with BPD feel isolated by the force of their emotions, their strong thought pattern that can change from one minute to the next and their difficult-to-control urges. As a result of my DBT and practising with my wonderful therapist, I'm now able to validate myself most of the time I feel distressed. I wanted to share that vali

How to Create a 'Buffer zone' Between Emotions and Actions

[TW This post mentions self-harm] If you have BPD like me, then you may struggle with urges connected to strong emotions. For example, when I feel ashamed I might get the urge to hurt myself or if I'm sad then I might have the urge to cancel all plans and stay in bed crying. Similarly, if someone doesn't reply to my messages, then the anxiety I feel can give me the urge to send more texts to see if I did something to upset them. If you experience intense emotions and you haven't learnt safe ways of managing them, then you may get strong urges connected to your intense feelings. For many people, the stronger the emotion, then the stronger the urge is associated with the emotion. In many ways,

Coping With The Festive Season

[This post briefly mentions self-harm and suicide in no detail] As wonderful as the festive season can be, it can also be a stressful, pressurised and destabilising time. For many people, this season can be incredibly difficult, whether that's due to financial pressures, loneliness, being judged by family or friends, grief, social anxiety or feeling overwhelmed the endless demands. A couple of years ago, I wrote a post about why Christmas used to be very hard for me. In the post, I explained how flashbacks to previous festive seasons (when I was very suicidal and traumatised by inadequate mental health services) made me fear this time of year. I feel that I have come through the other side o

Mentally Yours Podcast

I was a guest on Mentally Yours podcast talking about three stereotypes associated with BPD, some of the most hurtful misconceptions, friendships and what can help. In the episode, I share stories of things people have said to me, when a psychiatrist didn't put my diagnosis in my medical records (so 'it didn't go against me') and my positive experience of dialectical behaviour therapy. The episode is available to listen to now. Thanks so much to Ellen Scott and Yvette Caster for inviting me on the show, it was great chatting with you! I hope you enjoy listening to this episode and I would love to hear your thoughts.

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