Q&A with Dan Warrender

Dan Warrender is a lecturer in mental health nursing at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen, Scotland. Dan also continues to practice in the NHS as a mentalization based therapist. His teaching, PhD research and clinical interests are around people diagnosed with ‘borderline personality disorder’. He is currently an executive group member of the Scottish Personality Disorder Network. This is the first ever guest post on the blog written by a mental health professional. I hope you enjoy it. Thank you to Dan for sharing your thoughts, experience and ideas! What do you like most about working with people with BPD? They are people with stories, and often these are stories which have not been he

Emotional Reasoning. What is it & How Can I Manage It?

I'm keeping my blog post fairly short today as I am busy working on a book based on my blog! When it comes out I hope you will find it comforting and helpful for managing your BPD (more updates about my book coming soon!). What is emotional reasoning? Emotional reasoning is a term created by Aron Beck, one of the founders of cognitive therapy and cognitive behaviour therapy, back in the 1970s. Beck identified emotional reasoning as a cognitive distortion, also commonly referred to as a 'thinking error' or a 'thinking trap'. Emotional reasoning is when someone uses their emotions as proof, rather than using facts. When someone is using emotional reasoning, they believe something is true their

How COVID-19 'Lockdown' Is Affecting My BPD

Surprisingly, my BPD has been reduced since the UK 'lockdown'. Of course, I have been having a lot of anxiety about corona virus. In particular, I have been worrying about the impact of the virus on those who are most vulnerable to becoming seriously ill, as well as NHS staff and other workers who have high levels of exposure to the virus. Here is a video I made explaining how corona virus is affecting my BPD > I know that some people are struggling with the impact of lockdown on their BPD. If this is you, I hope you can find something that brings you comfort until this passes.

7 Tips For starting A Blog

I thought I would do a post for those of you who want to start a blog and are looking for some ideas for starting out. This post will also answer some questions I'm most frequently asked about blogging. I am by no means an expert on blogging! I just do my own thing, so I was quite surprised when my blog and social media took off and I even ended up winning a Mind Media Award for my work. What a surprise that was! 1. Only start blogging if you enjoy writing! If sounds obvious, but I would suggest only starting a blog if you enjoy writing. If you're not much of a written word person, there are so many other formats aside from blogging that you could use to share your ideas and connect with oth

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