Quick Update: Will Be Back Soon

Last week something happened to make me feel really fearful, anxious and distressed, so I have been taking a lot of time for myself. I haven't been working on my book or learning any Polish (something I have been doing in the last year). I haven't done any of the things I normally do to be honest. I was treated unfairly by my workplace and was left without answers to my communications for so long which made me feel really stressed. Then, a trigger happened that has left me feeling really upset. I am so glad that my partner is looking after me so kindly. I have had to postpone my DBT video series- I am so sorry. I will be back soon when I have come to terms with what is going on / when I have

Guest Post By Dysfunctional Girl

I am a 21 writer from Italy who has been suffering from BPD since at least age 10 [pronouns: she/her]. I study at “Scuola Holden: the writing academy”, an Italian writing major for undergraduate students. For about a year now I have had my own blog: “Dysfunctional Girl” and greatly enjoy writing it, as one can guess from my choice of major. It is a cathartic experience that helps me daily. —Yours sincerely, Dysfunctional Girl Do you find having a diagnosis of BPD helpful or unhelpful? I have always known there was something different about me. When the other kids played, I would sit alone and read; I would adapt to people like water in an empty container; I always felt at ease… I was too you

14 Days of DBT Skills Videos

*Update 06.09.20: Most of the videos have now been published on my channel. *Update 01.07.20: I am so sorry, but I have had to postpone this video series as I have been struggling a lot (haven't struggled this much for around two years!). I am focusing on trying to feel better and regain my balance. I hope to do these videos at a later date once I feel better. I am so sorry to those of you who were looking forward to it. I am okay and starting to feel a tiny bit better already.* After years of doing therapies that were not fully effective in helping me manage intense emotions and episodes of severe distress, DBT finally offered me some solutions to my problems. Mental health care is an incr

Guest Post By Daria Deptula: 'the intense emotions are real and valid'

Daria Deptuła (pronouns: they/them) is a student of History and Creative Writing at The University of Texas at Austin. They have had two original short stories published online. Do you find having a diagnosis of BPD helpful or unhelpful? Receiving my BPD diagnosis in June 2018 cleared up much confusion I had about myself. I didn’t know a good deal about the disorder beforehand, except that a few people whom I knew had it. As my psychiatrist listed off the conditions for a diagnosis, I was shocked to find myself nodding at each one. Having a diagnosis gives me a useful framework with which to make sense of why I feel and act the way that I do. What do you want people to know about BPD most of

Video: BPD Stigma & Careers in Helping Professions

I am a 'special educational needs teacher' and a person with a diagnosis of BPD. Those two things are not mutually exclusive and, in spite of what the stigma might say about people with borderline personality disorder, I am very good at what I do. When I was first diagnosed with BPD back in 2014, I was scared that I would not be able to get a job working with children because of my BPD. I was worried that employers would find out about my BPD and judge me as incapable, unreliable or even unpredictable. I am none of those things and never have been. Of course, sometimes having a job has been incredibly hard on top of managing my BPD. This was especially the case in 2014-2017 when I didn't ha

The Black, African And Asian Therapy Network & Dr McKenzie-Mavinga

I have noticed for a while now that psychotherapy (as well as psychiatry) is an extremely white dominated profession, both in terms of its theories and the number of therapists that are white. It has been too easy for too long for therapy to serve and be accessible to white people and white people only. This is not fair and this is not okay. In her book The Challenge of Racism in Therapeutic Practice, transcultural psychotherapist, trainer and supervisor Dr Isha McKenzie-Mavinga writes about 'the myth that the work on racism is finished'. McKenzie-Mavinga explains that this myth 'inhibits the explicit engagement of black issues in the therapeutic process'. She writes that the 'lack of opport

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