•  Happiful Magazine, 'Writing For Change', by Maxine Ali, August 2019

selected podcasts

  • Mentally Yours Podcast, November 2019

  • Mental Health Raw & Open, July 2019

  • Stronger Minds Podcast, May 2019

  • Mind Matters Matter Podcast, October 2017


selected talks

  • London Creativity & Wellbeing Week, Snapshots of Research & Practice, June 2018

  • Crossing the River, Medical Humanities at the Gordon Museum of Pathology, March 2018

I also give talks in workplaces and other organisations. 

talking about bpd in education

Talking About BPD has been used in several mental health nursing degrees across the UK. 


  • Maxine Cromar-Hayes, Senior Lecturer in Nursing at Staffordshire University

  • Michelle Radcliffe, Senior Lecturer in Mental Health Nursing at Kingston and St George's University

  • Professor John Baker, Chair of Mental Health Nursing at Leeds University

I have also worked with mental health professionals offering consultancy for the design of personality disorder services.

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