My Interview with 'Needs More Nuance' @Netil Radio

I had a great time chatting with 'Needs More Nuance' during their monthly show at Neil Radio back in February. I spoke with Maciek from the show about borderline personality disorder, prejudice and discrimination relating to this diagnosis, the challenges of accessing help, mental health services in general and COVID-19.

I wasn't as articulate as I wanted to be because I couldn't remember the word 'misogynistic' when I needed to use it (I was a bit tired!). Hope you enjoy the show if you choose to listen and please let me know your thoughts or questions if you have any.

If you're interested in locating some of the studies I mentioned during the interview, or reading more about some of the topics discussed, I recommend checking out these links below:

Bachmann, C. and Gooch, B. (2018) LGBT in Britain – Health. Stonewall. Available at:

Watts, J. (2016) ‘Borderline Personality Disorder – A diagnosis of invalidation.’ Huffington Post Blog, 26 September. Available at:

Watts, J. (2018) ‘How can we expect borderline personality disorder patients to trust mental health services when the staff don’t trust them?’ The Independent, 21 July. Available at:

Woollaston, K. and Hixenbaugh, P. (2008) ‘“Destructive whirlwind”: Nurses’ perceptions of patients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.’ Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing 15, 9, 703–709.

Thank you Needs More Nuance and Netil Radio for having me on the show!

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