Zines are informally published, often homemade books or booklets with a small circulation. Existing outside of mainstream channels of production,publication and distribution, zines often say and do things that other texts and artworks can't.


There is a huge, diverse community of artists, writers & makers who make zines about illness and disability. Here is a handful of my zines! 

Why do i have bpd?

Many people with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder went through the chronic invalidation of their emotions, thoughts and experiences as a child. (If you want to learn more about invalidation and the biopsychosocial theory of BPD, I suggest you read work by Marsha Linehan.) 

Silence Is Not Golden

I made this zine when someone I called a friend told me to stop talking about my mental health condition. They insisted that we were close, that they wanted to know everything about me, but in the same breath shut me down and shamed me. 

some people hurt themselves

Over the years, I've come to realise that self-harm is something many people misunderstand. There are many reasons why someone might hurt themselves and often those reasons might be many layered. I don't self-harm anymore which is a wonderful success for me, but I continue to share my experiences as I believe people with self-harm deserve more understanding, compassion and better care. 

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