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I'm Having a Baby!

I’m having a baby! I’m in my second trimester now.

I thought I would stay quiet about my pregnancy on my blog as it’s something so personal, but as the weeks go by I feel more value in talking about it with you. As expected with this under-represented and under-researched condition, I can't find much online or in print about BPD and pregnancy. It's not easy to find different voices discussing how pregnancy feels for those with BPD to be found.

I have two motivations for sharing my experience of pregnancy. First of all, there are too many inaccurate and damaging stereotypes about people with BPD and, unfortunately, they extend into the realm of parenthood. As always, I want to share my reality which is a far cry from the fearful myths. People with BPD can have happy lives, there is hope and we can be wonderful parents. I'm hopeful that sharing my experiences of this pregnancy might help others who are pregnant, hoping to have a baby or are new parents.

So far, my pregnancy is going well. I’ve been feeling my usual self, but with a hefty dose of nausea. I've made a YouTube video which shares:

- how pregnancy is going so far

- perinatal (maternal) mental health services

- anxiety-inducing test results

- midwife appointments

- anxiety about telling others

*Please note this video mentions early pregnancy loss in the early weeks of the first trimester. Also, if this video is hard for you to watch, please don't watch. I know it can be really hard to see people talking about their pregnancy if you are longing for a baby of your own or have experienced a loss.*

Really hope this video helps you if you have BPD (or relate to this diagnosis) and are pregnant, hoping to have a baby, thinking about it or are a new parent.

Helpful website for all things pregnancy related:

- Tommy's, pregnancy charity with support and information

As ever, thank you for supporting me and all of you who have bought my book, Talking About BPD: A Stigma-Free Guide to a Calmer, Happier Life with Borderline Personality Disorder. I'm delighted with how many people are reading and relating to it, plus all the heartfelt reviews. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.


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