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Forthcoming book!

I've written a book for people with BPD, or those who identify with this diagnosis. The book combines practical advice and coping tips, alongside my personal experience. I wrote it because I know how hard it can be to live with such a stigmatised mental health condition. It aims to be validating, supportive and hopeful.


​It will be published by JKP. Watch this space for a publication date!

selected articles

bbc stories film

Short film 'Dealing with Emotions: Borderline Personality Disorder', BBC Stories, Feb. 2020

selected podcasts, radio & talks

  • Mentally Yours Podcast, November 2019

  • Mental Health Raw & Open, July 2019

  • Stronger Minds Podcast, May 2019

  • Mind Matters Matter Podcast, October 2017

  • Mental Health Mondays, Radio City Talk, February 2020

  • London Creativity & Wellbeing Week, Snapshots of Research & Practice, June 2018

  • Crossing the River: Medical Humanities, Gordon Museum of Pathology, March 2018​

  • I also give talks in workplaces and other organisations. 


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