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my book!

I've written a book for people with BPD, or those who identify with this diagnosis. The book combines practical advice and DBT-based coping techniques, alongside my personal experience.


I wrote it because I know how hard it can be to live with such a stigmatised mental health condition. My book contains advice on topics such as dealing with stigma, long waiting lists and intense emotions. It's published by Jessica Kingsley and out 21.10.21.

preorder coming soon!

bbc stories film

Short film 'Dealing with Emotions: Borderline Personality Disorder', BBC Stories, Feb. 2020

selected articles

selected podcasts, radio & talks

  • Needs More Nuance, Netil Radio, February 2021.

  • Mentally Yours Podcast, November 2019

  • Mental Health Raw & Open, July 2019

  • Stronger Minds Podcast, May 2019

  • Mind Matters Matter Podcast, October 2017

  • Mental Health Mondays, Radio City Talk, February 2020

  • London Creativity & Wellbeing Week, Snapshots of Research & Practice, June 2018

  • Crossing the River: Medical Humanities, Gordon Museum of Pathology, March 2018​

  • I also give talks in workplaces and other organisations. 


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