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Rosie is blog author of Talking About BPD which she started soon after she was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD) in her early twenties. 

Rosie cares deeply about improving perceptions of people with a diagnosis of BPD. When she was finally diagnosed with BPD after a decade of difficulties, Rosie was horrified by the level of stigma and discrimination that many people with this condition face. It was this stigma that compelled her to write about her experiences. 


Rosie works as a class teacher in a school for children with special educational needs and she has also worked in mainstream schools, in the third sector and as a helpline volunteer. She loves writing, art, books, nature and all things creative. 


In 2019 Rosie won a Mind Media Award for Talking About BPD. She lives in the UK with her boyfriend and their dog. 

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