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Updated: Apr 2

Pre-orders have now opened for my book, Talking About BPD: A Stigma-Free Guide to Living a Calmer, Happier Life with Borderline Personality Disorder, featuring a foreword by Kimberley Wilson.

My book addresses what BPD is, how it is diagnosed and available treatments. It shares my personal experiences of living with this condition and advice for day-to-day life with BPD. In this book, I share lots of practical tips and DBT-based techniques for coping with intense emotions and difficult moments.

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Topics such as how to talk about BPD to those around you, managing relationships and self-harm are also explored. This book works to dispel stigma and challenge the stereotypes often associated with this condition.

My book is a hopeful guide that offers support, understanding and validation for people living with BPD, as well as those who support them. I wrote this book for people who feel scared, hopeless, confused or alone with their BPD.

I really hope you enjoy this book when it's out on 21.10.21. Would love to hear your thoughts about it later on this year.

- Rosie

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