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'Professionals Didn't Identify My BPD For Years': Interview With Radio City Talk

I joined Mick Coyle on Radio City Talk's Mental Health Monday programme last week. We spoke about borderline personality disorder (BPD), how I got my diagnosis, the range of emotions I experience and what helps me.

Image of Rosie and the Radio City Talk Logo. The caption says 'Speaking on Mental Health Mondays' in black letters.

Mental Health Mondays explores a different aspect of mental wellbeing and looks at what help is on offer for people who are going through with various mental health difficulties. I first heard about Mental Health Mondays at the 2019 Mind Media Awards when the show won a Mind Media Award.

Thank you to Mick and John for having me on the show. More episodes of Mental Health Mondays can be found here.


Radio City Talk

Journalist @MrMickCoyle

Producer @John_Fogarty

Episode originally broadcast 2nd March 2020.


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