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Chris Young's 'Walk a Mile in my Shoes' Podcast

'When people hear the term "personality disorder" they think it's something to do with your character.'

I had a great time talking about borderline personality disorder (BPD) on Chris Young's Walk A Mile In My Shoes Podcast. I immensely enjoyed chatting with Chris who has a deep understanding of BPD given his own experiences of living with this diagnosis. Plus, we had a few laughs about some of the awkward (and terrible) attitudes we have both encountered. Thank you so much Chris for having me on Walk A Mile In My Shoes.

Chris Young is the author of 'Walk A Mile' which is available on Amazon and the host of Walk A Mile In My Shoes podcast. You can read more about Chris' amazing work to dismantle mental health stigma by walking and talking via his Facebook group and on Twitter @walkamileuk .


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