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15 Affirmations Designed with BPD In Mind

It's true that people with BPD often struggle to be kind to themselves and are generally no stranger to stigma, discrimination and abuse. If you have this diagnosis then you may have found it hard to access appropriate and timely mental healthcare or have your emotional needs taken seriously by those who really should be listening. With these things in mind, I have made fifteen affirmations. The point of them is not to solve all your problems (!), but rather to act as reminders of your inherent worth as a person and how you don't deserve maltreatment and disrespect.

Too often people with this diagnosis (or when relate to it) feel broken, flawed, unlovable or even useless. I wanted to remind you that these beliefs are absolutely not true, although I can appreciate why you may feel that way. After all, it's understandable to feel defective if you have been through rejection, abandonment, invalidation or been dismissed by someone who was supposed to care for you. It's also completely normal to feel unworthy of respect or find it hard to look after yourself if you have been through difficult life experiences, trauma, abuse or neglect (which many people with BPD have).

These affirmations are designed to be used creatively and as often as possible. Feel free to save the following images and keep them on your phone to look at during challenging days, use them as phone wallpaper or print them out for your wall. If you find them uncomfortable and they are not helping you, then don't continue using them. Alternatively, maybe have a go at writing your own. Let me know what you think of them, if you have any re-wordings or completely new ones that work for you. If you enjoy these and are able to, please consider supporting me on Buy Me a Ko-Fi to help me fund my annual website and domain subscription. All support is hugely appreciated.

- Rosie x

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