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My New 'More Than Borderline' Blog for

I've been hired by Healthy Place as a regular writer for their 'More Than Borderline' blog.

This means that every fortnight for the next year I will be posting a brand new, exclusive article about borderline personality disorder. My latest article will be published on Wednesday 19th June 2019 and will discuss my experiences of fear of abandonment, as well as how I cope with it.

Furthermore, each month I will be sharing a new video about my life with BPD on the Healthy Place YouTube channel.

[Image shows a field of yellow flowers in the background and the writing in the foreground says 'Join me over on for new, exclusive articles every fortnight and videos each month. - Talking About BPD]

I hope you will join me over on Healthy Place to check out my articles, videos and to read others' stories too.

You can also join the conversation too using the comments feature, looking forward to hearing from you!


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