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academic work

I have degrees in English Literature and Medical Humanities.

Below are some of my projects. I am particularly interested in how writers portray consciousness and mental states, illness narratives, Disability Studies, DIY publishing, informally-published/handmade texts/artworks/zines, material culture in general, aesthetics of cuteness and more. If anyone is interested in these topics, feel free to email me!

Becoming Visible:

Zines About Self-Harm 

'Words aren't enough': 

Phenomenological Approaches to Voice Hearing

'Just a mentally ill girl with a wifi connection': 

Emotionally-Motivated Texts, Artworks & DIY Publishing

Instigating Affection:

Online & Printed Life Writing about Long-term Health Conditions 

Beyond Fragmentation: 

Autobiographical Graphic Narratives Depicting Childhood Trauma

Metaphors for Autism in Fiction and Non-Fiction

'To be solid, quite solid': 

Rhetorical Patterns of Solidity in Virginia Woolf and Gertrude Stein

'In the British Museum there is an enormous mind':

Mapping Mindscapes in Virgina Woolf's Fiction


'If their bodyes be cut, with admirable celerity they come together agayne: 

Cutting & Collage in Robert Burton's The Anatomy of Melancholy