Drawings & sketchbooks 

Art is many things to me. It's a way of communicating, expressing myself, engaging with characters and exploring the world around me, as well as relaxing and having fun. 

I am open for commissions and some of the artworks you see below are for sale, just let me know if you're interested

intense & painful emotions series

These illustrations have been drawn to capture some of the more painful intense emotional states I have experienced as part of my BPD. It can be hard to convey the force of the emotions in words alone. As you can sometimes see, I usually draw in sketchbooks & journals. 

crow series

A mental health nurse I met during a really hard time in my life suggested that I conceptualise my self-critical & self-punishing thoughts as a character. That way, she said, I could try talking back to them, ask them what they want and see if I could change my relationship to them. I turned to drawing to help me do this. 

for fun

Yes I have lived through a lot of painful moments in my life, but I have always been a joyful person too.  I love to draw happy and playful characters, alongside other arts and crafts. I love making gifts for my friends & family, journaling, card making, letter writing & scrapbooking. I am so glad that nowadays my BPD is not always so strong and life is much calmer than it used to be. Arts and crafts is definitely a helpful way for me to relax. Much of the time, I draw characters or things from my favourite books or video games (namely, Nintendo Animal Crossing!). 

listen to me series

I was lucky enough to exhibit these illustrations in cafes in London. I want people to see people with mental health problems in a more accurate light. Everyone needs to be seen for who they are, rather than being reduced to a stereotype, silenced or shunned. 

you are valid series 

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