Drawings & sketchbooks 

Art is many things to me. It's a way of communicating, expressing myself, engaging with characters and exploring the world around me, as well as relaxation and fun. 

bpd series

These illustrations have been drawn to capture some of the more painful intense emotional states I have experienced as part of my BPD. It can be hard to convey the force of the emotions in words alone.

crow series

A mental health nurse I met during a really hard time in my life suggested that I conceptualise my self-critical & self-punishing thoughts as a character. That way, she said, I could try talking back to them, ask them what they want and see if I could change my relationship to them. I turned to drawing to help me do this.

for fun

Yes I have BPD but that's just one part of me. I have many moments of joy in my life and love to capture those feelings in my art. I am a very imaginative person and I think that shines through in the images below. 

listen to me series

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