I've always loved poetry. It's amazing how much can be contained in such a small space!


My writing has been performed by Stand and Be Counted Theatre, the UK's first theatre company of sanctuary, at venues as diverse as   Latitude Festival, the Houses of Parliament and Camden People's Theatre.


For me, poetry is better when it leaves the page and goes off into the real world. My work has been incorporated into university courses at Leeds Beckett university and mental health workshops for people experiencing psychosis and more. 


My poetry recently featured in the August issue of Happiful Magazine in a feature on creative writing and BPD. In 2017, I won runner up 'best illustrated poem' in the Advocacy Project's mental health and poetry competition.


I have performed numerous times at spoken word nights including Spoken Word London, Mad Poets Speak, She Grrrowls & more. Some of my poems may make a guest appearance in my forthcoming book!



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