10 Apps & Websites that help me

So I thought I'd share the apps, websites and YouTube channels that help me most when it comes to living life with intense emotions (in no particular order). Let's dive right in... Sporcle When I'm experiencing paranoia that people don't like me or have decided they want to cut me out of their life, quizzes can be the only thing that keep me from acting impulsively. Maybe it's my competitive nature and my love of miscellaneous knowledge, but whatever it is this site has prevented my crisis from escalating several times in the last month alone. Yoga With Adriene This is the most well-rounded YouTube channel I've ever found for doing yoga at home. Adrienne creates such a variety of videos, fro

Opening up about my phobia for the first time

[TW This post very briefly mentions suicidal thoughts and self-harm] The last two weeks have been huge for me. For the first time in my life, I opened up about a phobia that I've never felt able to tell anyone about. At this stage, I'm using the word phobia, but I'm not sure if it is more of an OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) related issue. Since opening up about it, I've had bouts of intense anxiety with periods of sweating, racing heart, insomnia, racing thoughts and quick, shallow breathing. This is because talking about this phobia brings up all of the feelings that the phobia itself raises in me, namely disgust, anxiety, fear, embarrassment and revulsion. As I write this, I can feel

6 reasons my relationship works In Spite of BPD

[TW This post talks about my history of being in emotionally and verbally abusive relationships, please take care] It hurts me when I hear people with borderline personality disorder believing that they are unlovable because of their mental health condition. Too many people with BPD believe that they are never going to be in a stable, happy relationship. Stigma says that people with this diagnosis are too fragile, too needy, too dramatic, too volatile and too much like hard work to be part of happy relationships. I bought into myths like these for years. I didn't tell my myself 'I'm not enough', but 'I'm too much'. I believed I cried too much, felt too much, loved too much, cared too much, h

Mindfulness in DBT (it's not what I thought it was!)

Before I started dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) for my borderline personality disorder, I would hear the word 'mindfulness' and want to roll my eyes. Candles, singing bowls, deep breathing, meditating...erm, that's not going to help me when I'm so distressed I'm pacing around feeling suicidal. However, I quickly realised that mindfulness the DBT way was different. It wasn't about trying to feel inner peace, rid myself of my depression, love myself or anything else that felt unachievable to me. Instead, I learnt that mindfulness in DBT is based on three principles: Observing my body sensations, thoughts, emotions, urges and the world around me using my senses Describing what I'm observin

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