Self-Harm Remains Misunderstood

I think self-harm remains poorly understood by many people, including health professionals. I recently heard someone say that self-harm is a choice so people can choose not to do it. It’s not as simple as that, it’s much more complex. I believe self-harm is rarely a simple choice and is much more likely to involve a complex interplay of psychological factors. [This video is not as eloquent as I would have liked it to be. I didn’t explain dissociation very well at all I’m afraid :/ ] Let me know what you think & if you agree or not.

My Puppy & My BPD

I recently moved in with my boyfriend and our puppy. I thought my BPD was only affected by human-to-human interaction but oh how wrong I was! I recently heard from DBT Nerd about how a rescue dog saved her life. What are your experiences of pets and borderline personality disorder? Do you have a pet, or would you like one?

Being Emotionally Sensitive

Being emotionally sensitive is like going through life with open wounds. Something that might go unfelt by someone who isn’t emotionally sensitive could be felt deeply by someone who is very sensitive to emotions. For me, being emotionally sensitive means that I experience a vast spectrum of emotions and often feel each one very intensely. Read the full article over on Healthy Place >

8 Things to Remember When You Have BPD

[This post mentions abusive relationships so please take care] People with borderline personality disorder (BPD) have a rough time sometimes. Not only can BPD can be challenging to manage due to intense emotions, difficulties with self-criticism and the terror of abandonment, but it's also often misunderstood by health professionals and the public at large. To add to these challenges, support can be difficult to access in many areas of the country with long waiting times or a lack of specially designed services for people with personality disorders. Today is World Mental Health Day and I am all too aware that there are lots of people with personality disorders and other conditions who feel c

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