A Day in my Life with BPD

*TW This post mentions self-harm and suicidal thoughts* By offering this fictionalised account of a day in my life I hope to give a glimpse into what living with this condition can be like. Rather than describing what a bad day for me might look like, this attempts to portray an average day (although of course there is no such thing as an average day, especially with BPD!). 7.30am Wake up. Last night I had a dream that I lost control of my emotions and was screaming and crying in front of my colleagues. It's quite common for me to have nightmares. I then grab my phone and see that I have a text. The sight of a friendly, affectionate message and a cute Whatsapp sticker makes me feel so good.

How nintendo animal crossing helps me with my BPD

*TW This post talks about self-harm and suicidal thoughts* Earlier this year, I was introduced to the Animal Crossing video game series published by Nintendo. The specific game that I began playing was Animal Crossing New Leaf on Nintendo 3DS. I am not a big video gamer and I don't play any other games on a regular basis. However, I can safely say that this game has been a huge source of support for my borderline personality disorder. Without Animal Crossing, I believe I would have engaged in far more self-harm, impulsive behaviours and have been a lot more distressed by my suicidal thoughts. Before I dive into how Animal Crossing has helped me, let me give a quick introduction to the game.

Explaining my BPD to others

I find it really helpful having a close friend who, like me, has BPD. She goes through many of the same emotional experiences as I do and is the only person I have in my life who I feel truly understands the intensity of the emotions I feel and how all-consuming my shame, guilt and sadness can be. Without this friend, I think I would feel far more alone in the world. Many people with BPD experience emotional states that are so strong and so painful that they can feel impossible to describe to others. When I was first diagnosed with BPD, I found that I could capture the intensity of emotion and the all-consuming nature of my feelings more easily through drawings than words. Because my BPD epi

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