Being Curious About Emotions

Emotions are there to tell us something. For example, anger alerts us to injustice, sadness signals a need for us to comfort ourselves and love tells us to draw closer. DBT (dialectical behaviour therapy) has taught me that sometimes it is more helpful to ‘act opposite’ to the emotions. For example, when loving someone who is actually hurting us, it is vital to *not* get closer, even though that may be the intense urge. In this video, I share one of the paintings I have in my flat by Kathryn Watson from ‘my illustrated mind’. Having this artwork up on my wall reminds me that it’s useful to look at what my emotions are telling me rather than ignoring them. I also did an interview with Kathryn

Resources For People With BPD: My Top Picks

It can be really tricky to find high-quality, non-stigmatising and genuinely thoughtful resources about borderline personality disorder (BPD). At my last psychiatry appointment, my psychiatrist asked me what she could recommend her patients who have been newly diagnosed with BPD. We had a chat about how distressing it can be for people with BPD to google their diagnosis due to the judgmental, inaccurate and frankly downright dangerous things that are written online (and in print) about this condition. People with BPD have it hard in so many ways. First of all, there is the lack of understanding about personality disorders from the general public. Furthermore, there is a lack of knowledge and

Mind Media Awards Shortlisted

I am so happy that I have been shortlisted for a Mind Media Award in the category 'Digital Champion'! I have been nominated alongside three other people who are doing wonderful things to improve understandings of mental health conditions and to decrease stigma. It means a lot to me that a blogger with BPD has been shortlisted because personality disorders are often underrepresented in the media. I want to be there alongside more talked about conditions such as anxiety and depression. I really hope that Talking About BPD's presence at the awards will shine a light on BPD so that more people can learn about it. Perhaps also through being at the awards, I can share my work with more people who

How Blogging Changed My Life With BPD

When I was first diagnosed with borderline personality disorder (BPD), I felt incredibly isolated. I didn’t have any specialist help which meant that I turned to books and the Internet to learn about the condition. The depth of the stigma that I discovered during my research was shocking, both from academic and more informal sources. I encountered psychology books that described people with the condition as manipulative, YouTube videos that depicted people with BPD as chainsaw-wielding monsters, and websites vilifying people with BPD who so much as dared to be in a relationship. Read the full article on Healthy Place...

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