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I Hope My Book Can Help You

It's been just over a year now since I started writing my book and it is now with the copyeditors of my publisher Jessica Kingsley Publishers (JKP). The cover designers are working on a draft cover which I can't wait to see. I'm *so* excited for it to be all sorted and ready for you to read!

I have been through lots of stages to get to this point in the process, including a book proposal, first drafts, second drafts and lots of editing, not to mention reading and research. Apart from my editor, Jane Evans, and the team at JKP, nobody has read the book...and I can't wait to share it with you.

I am thinking of writing a post explaining the process I went through to write the book, just in case anyone reading my blog is interested in writing a book themselves.

My book is for people diagnosed with BPD or those who relate this diagnosis. It looks at the impact of stigma and how to manage that, as well as the condition itself. It's a hopeful book that provides coping tips and ultimately aims to support people who are feeling overwhelmed or demoralised by BPD, as well as the stigma.

I really, really hope that you will find the book comforting and validating when it comes out. It feels quite natural in a way that I wrote a book when Talking About BPD was resonating with so many of you and so many people felt as alone as I once did. I really hope my book will help you feel less alone, bring confidence and provide some hope that things can start feel better over time.

Thank you everyone for all the support you generously give to me.

- Rosie

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