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Happiful Article: 5 ways to help a friend who is in a mental health crisis

A good friend wants to do what they can to help when they see a friend in crisis. However, it's not always easy to help for fear of making things worse, not knowing what to do or worries about 'getting in too deep'. We may not have as much time, energy or resources as needed and, after all, clear boundaries are essential.

So what can we do when we want to help a struggling friend, but need to do so in a way that's safe for us and productive for them? Here's an article I wrote on exactly this a while ago for the lovely Happiful Magazine. You can read it here!

background is pink watercolour. Text reads: It is understandable to feel powerless, frustrated, or guilty. As much as you may wish to, it is not your responsibility to remove your friend’s pain, solve their problems, or make everything ‘better’.


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