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Six Wishes for People with BPD

People with BPD often have it rough. Like double whammy rough- the difficulties of struggling to regulate emotions combined with wrestling a system (and a society) that doesn't always respond in the way we need it to. Here are seven wishes for you that I hope are true for you already, and if not yet, I hope they come true soon.

Rosie x

Text reads: May you be accepted for who you are- gender, sexuality, religion, beleif, disability, ethnicity, strengths and struggles and so on

Text reads: May you have the courage to face your fears when holding back becomes more painful than confronting them.

Text reads: May you be listened to without judgment when you need to speak openly.

Text reads: May you find the words that feel right to you when the time comes to speak.

Text reads: May you never be called attention seeker, manipulator, drama queen or any other unfair name.

Text reads: May you never have to be a revolving door patient and be passed from pillar to post.


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