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I've Been Busy! Hence The Quiet Here...

Finishing off editing my book, along with starting a new job and moving house, has made me very quiet on here in the last four months.

It has been a very hectic time for me, albeit a few months with many positives...I love my new job and I adore my new home. I know that the pandemic has caused brought havoc into the lives of so many people and I realise that many are suffering additional, or new, stresses and losses.

I feel very lucky to be a key worker (teacher) and therefore to have a secure job, as well as one means I'm able to work 'in person' the vast majority of the time. I moved house earlier this month which has brought my emotions even closer to the surface than they already were. Everything is making me tear up this month: a Christmas card, a scene on TV, a song.

Partly this is because I feel so lucky, grateful and completely overawed to have not only a beautiful home, but a wonderful, caring partner to share it with. I think it is also because I am completely exhausted with the move, a very busy term in my new job and living during a pandemic. I also really find half-unpacked boxes and dealing with insurance companies very stressful!

I am hoping to be able to write some posts and make some videos now that my book is largely finished. I will be busy doing the final stages of editing over the Christmas period, but after that I hope to return more regularly to blog posting. I don't have an official publication date yet for the book, however as soon as I do, I will definitely share that date with you. If you are on social media, you can follow me on Twitter & Instagram for more regular updates.

Sending kind wishes to everyone reading this. Thank you to all for your support. x


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