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What Is Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT)?

I’ve been doing dialectical behaviour therapy (DBT) for nearly two years and I’m finishing very soon. It has helped me more than ever I dreamed it would.

DBT is a therapy designed specifically for people who find it hard to regulate their emotions. Thanks to DBT (and an amazing therapist and therapy team), I've learnt how to cope with my intense emotions. I have learnt how to regulate them, so I can feel much safer and more settled.

This video explains:

- What is DBT?

- Who can DBT help?

- The modules of DBT

- Examples of DBT from my life

I'd also like to share a fantastic website,, which is a free course for taking control of your thoughts, emotions, and relationships.

40+ lessons with guides, videos, and worksheets. It's a really user-friendly site with clear information on DBT skills. The course involves 40 modules, each containing a lesson, a video, and a worksheet. It's ideal for people wanting to teach themselves DBT, perhaps if they are on a waiting list, struggling to access therapy or wanting to recap any skills. I'm going to start working through this course myself over the next few weeks as a refresher for myself— it's been a while since I was formally doing DBT sessions with a therapist. I will do a new blog post sharing my experience of using this site soon. Let me know if you try out, I would love to know what you think.

I would love to know your thoughts about DBT or if you have any experience of it at all. I know that this therapy is not available in all areas and even if it is in your area it may be very hard to access due to the admission criteria or long waiting times. It took me a long time to access DBT, so I spent months and years learning about it online and from books.

Useful resources


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