Hi, I'm Rosie Cappuccino!

I'm a blogger, writer and artist talking about my life with borderline personality disorder (known as BPD for short). I have very intense emotions which are often linked to fear of abandonment & rejection which that means daily life can be a huge challenge for me. In 2019, I won a Mind Media Award for Talking About BPD.


When I was first diagnosed with BPD in 2014, I felt extremely isolated and ashamed of my experiences. I became aware of how deeply misunderstood and stigmatised this condition is not only amongst the general public, but also within healthcare. People with BPD are all too often misjudged as manipulative, attention-seeking & hopeless. I am not okay with that because it simply isn't true. These myths cause more pain for people already hurting.

I want people to know what day-to-day life with BPD can be like with all its ups and downs. Of course, everyone with this condition is an individual, but if you have BPD and can relate, I hope you feel less alone.

I won't stop talking until everyone with BPD has the

understanding, respect and compassion that they deserve.

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