8 things  to remember  when  you have BPD 

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I'm a Mind Media Award winning blogger, writer and artist talking about my life with borderline personality disorder (known as BPD for short). I have very intense emotions which are often linked to fear of abandonment & rejection which that means daily life can be a huge challenge for me.


People with BPD are all too often misjudged as manipulative, attention-seeking & hopeless. I am not okay with that because it simply isn't true. These myths cause more pain for people already hurting. 

I want people to know what day-to-day life with BPD can be like with all its ups and downs. I also want to use this space to share the things I have found helpful over the years and offer as many coping techniques as I can. Of course, everyone with this condition is an individual, but if you have BPD and can relate, I hope you feel less alone.

I won't stop talking until everyone with BPD has the

understanding, respect and compassion that they deserve.

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